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I use a Comptac Infidel and have for about a year now. Using the infidel clip I can have the holster centered on my right hip belt loop ( the perfect position for me) without the holster moving around. The magazine release is covered by the holster so there's very little chance of release having pressure while holstered. In addition since it's a kydex holster there's a nice tension and fit to the gun via the trigger guard; it's either holstered or it's not, no in between.

About two months ago one of the screws holding the clip came loose and fell out. While replacing the screw I noticed a small crack in the clip itself (and replaced the clip for good measure). Once every couple months I check tension on the screws; with a good inspection and tension check I don't worry. The clip allows the holster to be removed and put back on without taking off the belt or having to struggle with loops.
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