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I hunt on a friend's land that is 4.5 miles from my house. I went hunting this past Thursday (not Thanksgiving day). I parked my truck at his workshop. I hadn't made ten steps through the gate in the fence by the workshop when I saw a deer dart into the woods not 50 yards from the workshop (and the owner was working in the shop building a trailer). If I had stopped at the gate and scanned the area I would probably have had an easy shot. Anyway I started the walk back to my shooting house on the far back side of the property, about a 400 yard walk. I have a ladder stand set up that is about 100 yards closer than the shooting house. When I got to it I decided that if deer were already moving I would probably be better off to stop there. I tied my .30-06 to the rope I leave hanging from the ladder stand and climbed up. I no sooner had sat down and buckled myself in when I heard a deer running. I look up and see this nice eight point buck running straight toward my stand. You guessed it, my rifle is still hanging unloaded on the rope at the bottom of the ladder stand!

He gets about 10 yards from my stand and and makes a right turn into some thicker brush. I can see him for about 50 yards before the brush conceals him from me. I wondered what spooked him. If it had been me he would have run away from me, not toward me. About one or two minutes later I found out what spooked him. Two dogs came into view obviously chasing him. They had their noses to the ground following his exact trail. I never saw another deer that day.
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