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About the only time I ever text is while hunting. When my father and I split up in the woods to head to a tree stand or to set up a ground blind we use our smart phones and text the exact GPS coordinates of our location. We also text to let each other know what we have seen or when we take a shot. Recently we were in the woods and got a text from a hunting and fishing partner. He was not hunting but had taken his dog for a run in the woods to let it get some exercise while he checked his trail cameras. His dogs slipped in some wet leaves and fell down a deep ravine breaking a leg. He tried to get to the bottom of the ravine to get to his dog and fell breaking a few ribs. He didn't have enough signal to call out for help and his wife didn't have her cell phone on, so he sent a text to my father and I with his GPS location. We were able to call 911 with his GPS location and get medical rescue people to him. Because of the ability to text he avoided spending a cold night in pain at the bottom of a ravine and he and his dog got the medical attention they needed. They had to use a helicopter and fire crew to get him and his dog out of the woods. He refused to get on the helicopter until his dog was on board with him.

Not only are they handy for communication in the woods and for emergencies, but with an unlimited data plan you can check the internet forums when the action in the woods is slow. Before daylight I turn down the screen brightness to avoid spooking the animals and it is always set to vibrate so there is not ringtone going off every time you get a text. Other than when I am in the woods I don't send texts. It is mostly used as a safety tool so I can alert my hunting party can alert everyone of their location to avoid friendly fire and to let them know when you have made a kill.
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