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Remington is gone

I was using my Remington 700 Buckmasters .270 and the thing kept jamming when loading the magazine. Had to open the floor plate and start over twice making tons of noise in my blind.

It is gone (am using my .300 Win Mag Ruger 77 again) and traded the 700 for a CVA Optima muzzleloader so I can hunt the 10 day muzzleloader season following the one week gun season. Starts Monday but I'm going to wait for the 10-12 monster bucks on our land to settle down. Bowhunters saw them all around my stand a week before gun season but once the shooting starts they disappear. They're still on the land since none of the neighbors got one.

700 was okay but just didn't feel "right" like my trusty old 77 Ruger. I shot a doe with the Ruger yesterday. Had to KILL something!

Joe C will be proud of me!
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