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The finish I have made pice with, the sights I can fix, however, would it possible to change out the trigger and not substanially alter the gun? Specifically the reliability and saftey of it?
The simple answer depends. Some aftermarket triggers will and others won't. That's why Colt offers different plunger levers to accommodate for different trigger dimensions.

The most likely trouble spot comes with overtravel screws not allowing the trigger to move far enough to provide enough lift.

And if you read what Brownells says about it, it is intended to be used for bench testing, not for permanent installation.
Exactly. It's too soft to be permanent. With mine, I have to use a smooth mill file to dress the flanging around the holes at every detail-strip, and replace the spacer after the 3rd dressing. If the flanges are allowed to get bad enough to contact the sear and keep it from resetting, it can cause all sorts of problems ranging from failure to hold full cock to burst-fire.
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