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I own both in 4 inch

And the 686 would be my first choice of the two for almost any activity. My Taurus 66 is a great shooting gun. I can shoot the Taurus just as well as the 686. And it has worked flawlessly for me. Blindfolded I could not tell the difference in handling or shooting between the two. If I could only afford the Taurus I would not hesitate to buy another. I have had the Taurus for many years and bought it used. I have very little knowledge of the quality or workmanship of the newer Taurus guns being sold today. My son has a Taurus 605 he bought new recently that has been perfect so far. It is a handful to shoot full house .357s through. I have a 1 year old 686 with the IL that I am very fond of. And have put around 400 rounds through it with out any problems.
I paid way less for the Taurus than I did for any of my 686s. And expect I would receive less if I ever sold it. Buy what you can afford and upgrade as you can. My 2 cents.
Happy Thanksgiving to all on this great board.
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