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Originally Posted by geetarman
Rights given up for "the better good" are usually just gone for good.
And the people clamoring for "the better good" or "the children" often can't explain in meaningful detail how it will be achieved by giving up rights. And when they do try to explain, they're generally wrong. There is much handwaving, innuendo, and there are many assumptions, but there are very few facts and or pieces of empirical evidence.

In post #13, Aguila linked to and quoted Lawdog's astute comments on this issue of compromising or trading for gun rights.

An attempt to compromise or trade assumes that there's a rational discussion that will converge on an equitable solution that's tolerable for everyone.

That is not the case in much of politics. It is predominantly driven by propaganda, and people consciously or unconsciously parroting propaganda. Any trading or compromising of rights in that environment is toxic.
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