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8" off center will be a fringe or B Zone hit at best on the average man using any of the tight patterning loads. You might want to read this Boxotruth. The 20 yard test is quite revealing. If you take a garbage shot you will get garbage results."
Yep, and that is why I specified 8" off center. If the center of the pattern is a fringe hit, the periphery of the same pattern will be nearer to the target's midline (but still off). How much the pattern opens will determine to some extent how the percentile of pellets nearer to center. At 4 yards the load barely opens so the peripherals (not outliers) aren't that much closer to center mass than the center of the pattern.

That is why my question SPECIFIED 10 YARDS. At 10 yards an open cyllinder has begun to open (assuming we are not talking flight control). A fixed open cyllinder barrel is what I assume is being used for HD.

Just answer me this, different loads will have different patterns in different guns, but if that gun is an open cyllinder what size of a pattern would you expect at a range of 10 yards?
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