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What are you mounting them to and are you looking for fixed or folding sights? Would folding work for your application or is this going to be an irons only firearm?
I'm looking for fixed sights. I may put a red dot on my AR eventually but for the foreseeable future, it will be irons-only. I definitely want a fixed front sight; I'd prefer a rear fixed as well but I could go with a flip-up if later co-witnessing with a dot would be problematic. I would want a true, not 1/3, co-witness without having to look through the rear sight plus the dot.

I have not used the UTGs but I do have the flip-up Magpul sights and they work great. $70-$80 tops.
I have MBUS sights now--they're decent but I don't like the sight picture they give. If they stuck with the traditional front sight I wouldn't want to switch. I just hate the flared out look the front sight gives. Also, I prefer the standard FSB. I would just switch to that but I live in the People's Republic of New York. To do that I would have to pay a smith to take off (and destroy?) my pinned compensator to make the switch.

Would you guys recommend something like a DD instead? I mean best case scenario I would do the above and have a smith toy with my upper to switch the railed gas block to a standard FSB, but it just seems expensive, plus the fact I'm pretty sure I'd be out a compensator.
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