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All that would matter is that you deactivated a designed-in safety device, and would be used to show reckless disregard.
No, it just showed that I have converted the gun the way it was ORIGINALLY designed by a guy smarter than all the people from Colt combined.

There is no hammer lock. The manual safety doesn't lock or block the hammer.
Chicken and egg as the sear is locked to the HAMMER with the manual safety.

The US military never issued a Series 70 pistol.
Really? Prior to the Beretta 92 they must have issued series 80s then?

So what side gun did the US military had from 1911 to 1990?

It was called M1911 and by all means it was a series 70 not an 80.

Are you a professional gunsmith?
Yes I'm a gunsmith but it is not my profession and yes I do not accept the series 80 at all and I'll be more than glad to convert any series 80 into 70 any day of the week. Sue me if you like.

so, you are the first I have ever heard of who will remove this (or any) safety from a firearm
At last first at something!

These guys must be completely nuts too selling this spacer then:

I just recognize the brilliance of John's original design and the absurdity of the series 80.

Happy thanksgiving and please get rid of that idiotic plumbing! See you in court!
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