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Originally Posted by NickNitro71
NO gunsmith worth his or her salt will de-activate a factory installed safety device
I remove them all the time, and never looked back once. It is not a safety device, it's an idocracy invented to make some queer lawyer happy or maybe as a marketing strategy to sell more guns as 'new and improved'.
It most certainly is a safety device, and the reason for it has been well-stated. If it were only a Colt marketing ploy, why is the exact same system also used by Para USA, SIG Arms, Remington, Taurus, Kahr/Auto-Ordnance, and a few other 1911 makers I can't recall at the moment? And then there's Kimber and Smith & Wesson, each of whom uses a different mechanism to accomplish the same purpose.

Are you a professional gunsmith? If so, you are the first I have ever heard of who will remove this (or any) safety from a firearm. In fact, I have heard of professional gunsmiths who won't accept a series 80 1911 in for work if the firing pin safety has been removed, unless the owner of the pistol agrees to allow the 'smith to re-install it. There's a very simple reason: Liability.

I used to prefer 1911s without the firing pin safety for carry as well as range. (Despite the fact that my competition pistols have the safety intact and have excellent triggers measuring about 3-3/4 pounds.) After reading Walt Kuleck's report on the results of his and Drake's drop tests, I have retired any non-Series 80 pistols from the carry rotation.
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