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Same 1187 primer issue

I have an 1187 about 15 years old, rifled cantilever barrel, leopold scope var 2. 2-7 power. Went hunting bam, miss bam miss bam miss.. ***? getting old? Bad eyes? I go try to sight gun in.. 2 feet low at 50 yards. 2 FEET!!

Call my country boys and we go to sight in. 3 boxes of Hornady SST's and still cant hit 100 after hitting 50 yd target ok. then I notice spent cartridges have blown out primers or backed out partially. Never seen that happen before, nor did any of them. Brought them back to Bass Pro. They scratched their heads and gave me 4 new boxes... I don't know if it is coincidence with poor accuracy, primers.. etc. Any ideas? At this point I feel like scraping the gun and buying a browning. The gun was so expensive and never quite performed all that well, lots of deer but just never worked as well as the few old browning A 5s I used to borrow.

I just don't want to spend 200-300 to get it fixed or maybe not fixed. I have shot less than 300 rounds through it total. Maybe closer to 200. I use it to deer hunt only. Sight it in and shoot. Some years I shot it 2 times. 2 deer 2 shots. Usually about 2-3 boxes a year including sight check.
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