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Was back out in the tac-bay at BOTW yesterday for a couple hours. Was running 3-gun style courses with a few buddies, but did spend 15 minutes with them going for fastest draw-2body-1head.

After 10 or so attempts, I was shooting ~3.0s cleans and more comforable with the draw. My best for the day was a 2.66 clean. Any faster and I got over my rear sight for my 1st 2 rnds and pulled high.... work to do. About 0.5 slower than others were capable of... but still WAY better than the 4.26 on my 1st attempt on the classifier.

Thanks for the feedback. Looking at some of the match videos online, the classifier is heavy in draws and light on target recognition. Hope to get out an shoot a match in the next month or so.
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