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The .22 LR was developed as a RIFLE cartridge. The long, skinny cartridge with heeled bullet sometimes does not fare well in semi autos during the feeding cycle. Much of it's energy is also lost in very short barrels. The OAL of the .22LR is longer than the .25-requiring the gun's action to be commensurately bigger. Many of the smaller .25s were offered in .22 short or .22 long. The LR requires a bigger gun. For example: the Beretta 21 is a bastardization of the original (and much smaller) 950 series guns. The 950 was .22short/.25. They were extremely reliable guns. The model 21 is an upsized version adapted for .22LR. Much of the reliability factor was lost in the LR version, and the .25 version is an afterthought.
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