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"Folks used to have signatures for their email peppered with words like hijack, Bin Laden, terrorist, and the like. The black helicopters never came."

Actually, a number of terrorist plots have been undone by phone calls and emails. Once you are on the radar "They" will look and if necessary dig deeper. If you have nothing to hide then it will not be a problem. If you think nothing will ever happen start sending emails using buzz words that will get you interrogated at the airport and at some point a helicopter may not arrive but you may get a knock at the door or surveilled. Even if you substitute words like "present" for bad words the programming will tag the communications. Terrorists use code words and figures of speech and they still hit the radar. The articles and shows I have seen demonstrate that the NSA et al have an incredible capacity to ferret through an enormous amount of communication via super computers and programming. According to DHS, veterans and white males who cling to guns and religion are prime suspects for terrorist activity. That would cover me and a few others here I suspect.
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