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"You gotta see the muzzle blast when the round fires. If you don't, that shot cannot be called accurately. With semi autos you must also see the empty case eject. "

Bart - I know you know what you are talking about , but ...

I don't think I have ever seen muzzle blast when shooting service rifle. Now, we have all seen muzzle flash when shooting in the dark...

And what info does the ejecting case tell you? If my best M14 doesn't put the empties in a small group, I would expect those out of the group to be possible "flyers" on target. My ar always puts them in a nice pile. But I never look at the flying cases in real time. How many eyeballs do you have, anyway??

Calling the Shot: while lining up the shot and starting to apply pressure, the sights are obviously on target. But just as the trigger breaks, where are they pointing? That is calling the shot. With a 4.5 lbs trigger, it is not hard to move just a smidge as you are pulling.
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