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I did start it mostly because you could get more accurate loads that way years back.

It does save money if you don't count the initial invested! I did that before I realized it so its not costing me anything, right?

But then if you want to shoot match loads in a 1903 where do you find it? Not locally (or at least here).

I failed to get a good load for my 7mm back in the day and realized I was only doing it because I could (and then found I was out when I thought I had plenty and went to the store and found some that were just as good).

But I do like it, its all paid for (I have picked up a few items since I got back into it) and I can still tweak the loads for what I want rather than off the shelf.

I picked up a 30-06 that has a very deep throat and it needs special loads to shoot well. Cool, I can do that.

My 9mm, damned if the factory Golden Sabers aren't more accurate than anything I have done yet though I am still playing with it. But its less expensive (I scrounge all my brass and that's oddly satisfying to!)
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