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Ron T. B.
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I wanted an air rifle I could shoot on my 35 yard rangel at home. I went to GTA AIR web site and started learning. I wanted an air rifle I could hold and shoot just like I shoot my powder burners. I soon learned springers and nitro pistons require different shooting techniques and may be difficult to shoot off of a sandbag rest. I finally decided that a precharged pnuematic was just the ticket. The down side, at least twice as much as I wanted to spend. So I saved longer and purchased a Benjamin Discovery package that included a pump. The Discovery operates at 2000 psi so pumping is easy. The Disccovery is deadly accccurate, easy to shoot, and plenty powerfull. I highly recomend it . I put an LDC (lead dust catcher) on it to make it backyard friendly.
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