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I get a kick out of the 44 mag tillthedayIdie guys. You've all seen the 44 vs 45 Colt posts. They get fiestier than the 9 mm vs 45 ACP posts. They get so annoying that I don't even want to read them. Either caliber can send a projectile clean through a small moon. In doing so, they will prove themselves to be more of a man than the guy holding the gun.
The .429 is a fine round but it's not a 44 caliber and should not be advertised as such. However, that statement alone is enough to send 44 fans into a tizzy and get me labeled as a hater. Still, they named it a 44 so that's what it's called.

You can also twist this thread into Glock fanboys vs the world but that's a deep dark hole we shouldn't get into. Like the 44 vs 45 thing no good will come of it.

When it comes to the typical Ford vs Chevy battle I find myself a Mopar fan.

I have no interest in fad or fashion. The hot trinket is seldom on my list of must haves. I like what works for me. Long ago I found a grip that makes a 1911 feel like an old friend. Since then, I started using 45 calibers just so I could keep the bullet selection simple while reloading. That blossomed into 45 Colt, 454 Casull, and 460 S&W. Despite that selection of big bores I still carry a 642 in 38 spl. It's all a matter of convenience.

I guess it's time to start another thread about gun store Rangers and how they know far more about what works for you without knowing anything about you.
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