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OK guys, I give up.

I appreciate those few who were willing and able to participate in the exercise as proposed.

I am somewhat bewildered by the number of replies that either refuse to admit that we have lost our full natural and enumerated right to keep and bear arms, or that admit it but then insist that we pretend we have not.

For the record, I am a vehement, libertarian-style RKBA advocate, and I started this thread out of my own curiosity and with no hidden agenda.
dbooksta your "closing" comments are as condescending and factually flawed as your original premise. We all understand that we have lost some of our 2A rights for a variety of reasons. We don't find this acceptable and many of us work actively to do what we can to change the culture that does accept the limiting of of our Constitutional rights. Many of us are willing and able to intelligently discuss these issues. What we are not willing to do is play your game.

I am a supporter of Libertarian RKBA advocates. Happy Thanksgiving.
"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." Benjamin Franklin
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