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Fixing something that ain't broke has NEVER been a good idea.
The S&W revolvers I have bought over the years have "come broke", in the sense that they have come with their internals rougher than a cob. The people who never do work on them, or have work done on them are either: Very lucky, or use them as they are while being oblivious to how rough they are, do not care how rough they are. There is a night vs. day difference in a S&W revolver as they come from the factory and one that has been smoothed and lightened by someone who knows what to look for (triggers dragging on the frame, hammers flopping sideways during travel, etc.). In many, the only reason they function as well as they do, is that the springs are overly heavy as to force them to function despite the faults as shipped. Ignorance is bliss.
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