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remington 1100 another jam issue

My Grandfather gifted me his 1100 12 ga. with a Hastings fully rifled slug barrel and a vent rib barrel with a few chokes. The gun only shoots 2 3/4 shells. I broke the gun totally down and cleaned it very well including the gas ports in the barrel. After i got it all back together i took it out to see if the red dot was still slightly zeroed. (gun sat in his safe for like 10 years) the hornady sst hit dead center at 50 yards. However, when a new shell was loaded into the chamber a second shell came out of the mag tube and jammed. i had to remove the barrel to get the shell out from the chamber and repeatedly pulled on the bolt handle gently to pull out the jammed shell. At first i thought it was still dirty or an o ring issue but it does the same thing if i run the action manually. Any help would be great. All my other shotguns are wingmasters and 37's no issues there lol
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