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I have tools, lots of tools, I have counter sinks, drill a hole for a guide, then take a tool that has a pilot, use the drilled hole as a guide for the pilot etc... I have tools that are designed to be used in a mill, same thing, but different, I can use gun friendly pilots or I can prevent the pilot from turning. Then there are core hole drills.

Same thing but different, it is not necessary to drill a hole for the pilot when in threr is a hole in the barrel. .

Then there is that part where the muzzle is tapered as in it is a bore with varying diameters, on one end the taper is called throat erosion, back to the muzzle, the taper at the muzzle, it is caused by a bad habit?

Cutting the barrel? As the man said, cutting the barrel will create another problem if the front sight is to be used.

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