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December shoot... practice on 8th, match on 15th

Our Practical Long Range rifle match for December schedule is as follows...

Practice day, December 8th. You don't need to actually shoot in the match to attend practice day. Practice day is getting, it seems, to be far more popular than the actual match day.

On practice day, we'll have a minimum of two long range instructors on hand, and we'll help you get your trajectory dialed in, and evaluate your rifle, load, and shooting technique. Many folks are benefiting from these sessions, and some have gone on to place highly in the competition the following week--even though they had up until then never shot in such a comp before.

Practice targets are placed at DIFFERENT ranges than the actual match day targets, but the range will still extend to 1000+ yards... steel targets are shot at 325, 450 to 500, 600 to 650... 725 to 825... and 900 and 1000+ yards during practice day.

December 15th, actual match.
Cash prizes will be paid to top 3 shooters.

Practice day will be 20 dollars per shooter, and you'll have at least 4 hours of range time--a fantastic deal. Match fee is 25 dollars per shooter.

Beginning in 2013, we will be increasing charges slightly, to 25 dollars for practice and 30 dollars to shoot the match. Prize payout will increase as well, of course.

If you have any questions... just email me at danielnewberry >>>at<<<

...or PM me here at the Firing Line.

Practical Long Range Rifle Courses...
Optimal Charge Weight handload consulting
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