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weatherby vanguard/leupold mark 4 mount?????

good morning fellas and happy turkey day. i am about to order a weatherby vanguard series 2 range certified .308 win rifle in the next few days. i assume that the .308 win will be a short action right? if so i have a leupold mark 4 one piece picatinny mount for a rem m700 short action just laying around that i also have the mark 4 rings to go with it. i have heard that the rem m700 and the wby vanguard have the exact same mounting hole spacing and pattern. what i'm trying to say is does the rem m700 and the wby vanguard use the same mounts? also, i have heard about a slope of the receiver on the vanguards that might require a shim to raise the back mount? my one piece mark 4 mount has a built in slope of 15 degrees from rear to front. should this take care of the shim issue? will this mark 4 one piece mount that fit great on my m700 short action fit my new wby vanguard in .308 win?
thanks and sorry for the longwinded question,
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