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he wants it now and he wants it cheap
My son is a master mechanic and has a sign in his bay.
I do three kinds of work. Fast, Good, And Cheap. You can have any two.
Yeah, the machines are expensive, but that's the future of machining. There's one gunsmith down the road that started 40 years ago as a traditional gunsmith. He once put a poly-choke on a shotgun for me. Nowadays, he's a high-end smith that's running a successful parts business. When he needs a part, he makes a couple of dozen, then when someone else needs a part, he's got it and can either pay his toll or go someplace else. He's built an extremely successful business and works on high end shotguns and makes parts for the parts trade.

It's all about finding a need and meeting that need.
Dennis Dezendorf
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