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S & W M-29 problem

Thank you RKG....after the "fix" last year it never acted up again. The pistol was returned to the factory five years ago. I had another issue with it and I did open it up---I could never get that spring in the trigger in the right position...what a goofy set-up. Looks like they designed it to baffle us. IMHO these things should be designed to be relatively easy for an average guy to be able to service them. S & W fixed it up and then I started have the problems mention. I never tried to adjust the main spring tension for a lighter trigger, but when it was mis-firing (as mentioned before) I did tighten the strain screw.

Also have a 1974 Ruger Superblackhawk that I've had issues with....

1) The stud that holds the ejector housing pulled off--they now no longer use one opting to screw the holding screw into the barrel--had to send to Ruger
2) Broke a few transfer bars--all broke at the same a narrow bend that IMHO is just too thin.
3) One frame screw head snapped off--I could not extract the screw and without doing one could not take it apart--had to send to Ruger

I shoot the .44 Mags about 800 times a year with medium loads and with no heavy bullets..seems like none of the pistols I have in that caliber are all that durable.

A real PITA to get them fixed now---because FedEx & UPS want your left arm to ship them...all because employees steal them. Knowledgeable gunsmiths are hard to find ....and the cost is very steep and they don't hurry to make the repair.
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