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I have a Ruger P89 that was my only pistol for years. I never carried it and it only served as a range, truck, HD gun. I put a set of Houge grips on it and though I never liked the DA pull I learned to use it and be accurate with it.

I was content with that until I shot my first IDPA match. That is when the trigger bothered me so I got a Glock 17 before (I had the month before got a G26 for carry so it seemed the natural choice) the next match. The P89 has been in the safe ever since, but I couldn't sell it due to various reasons (they are a great value).

I have started to use it again because I have found it seems to be the safest to teach new shooters with. The first DA pull is so hard you have to be really deliberate to make it fire. The decocker is also a fantastic feature that allows me to drop the hammer and engage the safety in one move which I have found very handy when going through the nuances of shooting with my 10 year old.

I just bought a G19 yesterday and I need to sell a couple to pay for it. Guess what? I am keeping the Ruger. That DA/SA has it's place.
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