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CM9 or try another Glock?

I know, I know, another bad decision maker. I have been set on getting a Kahr CM9 as my primary concealed weapon. Had a MK9 years ago and loved it but just too heavy. I know some Kahrs can be a little finicky so I'm starting to second guess myself. I have also had a Glock in the past. Sold it because I wanted something sexier, but it was flawless. So here is the dilemma- do I go with my gut and get the CM9 for conceal ability, or do I stick with proven reliability out of the box and go back to the dark side (Glock 26 or 36)?

A little something about me. I don't get out much to shoot (couple times a year). I have owned revolvers, but they just don't seem right for me. I plan to mainly carry IWB but may pocket carry if I really need to. I live in hot, sunny Florida so usually wear t-shirts and shorts. Some opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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