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NO gunsmith worth his or her salt will de-activate a factory installed safety device
I remove them all the time, and never looked back once. It is not a safety device, it's an idocracy invented to make some queer lawyer happy or maybe as a marketing strategy to sell more guns as 'new and improved'.

There are already three safety devices on a series 70: The hammer and slide lock, the grip/trigger lock, and of course the trigger itself which on any gun is the most important safety device of all besides your own brain!

The 1911 was designed as a military side arm, as such it is supposed to perform in any condition. How useful is a gun that has the firing pin LOCKED by default? It does not take much dirt to clog the tiny mechanism rendering the gun and your life useless. The US military used the series 70 for how many years?

I'm glad when Ruger released its 1911, it opted out for the series 70.

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