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OK, last try: A gang leader (or maybe it's a representative of a government overstepping its constituted authority?) with the means to follow through comes to your family and says, "I'm taking all your property and rights. But I'm a reasonable guy: Just tell me what you really need and I'll let you keep it."

It's a chaotic time, you're not of age, and when the dust settles you learn that the gang has decided, among other things, that you are not allowed to own "assault weapons." It also says you can carry guns for self defense but it requires a "permit" to do so and makes it clear that you're not getting one. Oh, and you're not allowed to take any of your guns outside of its area of control, which happens to be your homeland.

Some time passes, and the gang undergoes leadership changes, and you grow up. The new leaders had nothing to do with the original restrictions, but enforce them by default. One day you learn that there are some factions in the new regime that seem disturbed by the fact that you're allowed to continue to buy magazines of arbitrary capacity. Silly, I know, but you would really like to get back one of the rights the old gang took, and the new gang doesn't seem as concerned about those.

The gang has been known to make "compromises," and since it fastidiously honors them, you approach them to ask for one of your other rights back. The current leader responds, "Well we're not in the business of handing out rights, but it's no problem to change things around so long as on net it doesn't look like you've gotten any new rights. If you really want this what would you give up to placate my anti-gun members?"

My question: What would you ask for, and what would you propose?
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