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You can not simply remove the FP safety parts in your Colt. There will be slop--LOTS of it--in the sear and hammer interface. This will lead to premature wear.


NO gunsmith worth his or her salt will de-activate a factory installed safety device.


I have a Colt Enhanced Series 80. I have done some modifications to it--a lightweight trigger, Brown beavertail and Bo-Mar rear sights with a dovetailed front. I have had this pistol since 1993; with the exception of the parts noted above--and a few recoil spring changes--it is still 100% factory original, to include the safety parts.

The pistol has NEVER failed to feed or fire, as long as I use good magazines and ammunition.

How much confidence do I have in it? It is my primary duty sidearm, and has been now for 13 years.

Don't worry about the safety parts. It works fine. Trust me.
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