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Originally Posted by OldMarksman View Post

How might that weigh in,in terms of lawful justification?

Oldmarksman, if I came across as saying it was legally justified then that was not my intent. You may very well be correct about this type of situation as it stands in a court of law. I believe everyone should be well versed in the legalities of carrying a firearm, but situations will always come up that are in a bit of a grey area (like this) I have tried to state my opinion is, in a situation like this, that I would want my loved ones to put their safety first.

We obviously differ on his mental state and potential danger. That is fine we should agree to disagree. I see his actions as that of someone who is very likely dangerous and wanting to act in a dangerous manner. Sexual crimes are usually violent and dangerous to the victim. This man has crossed the line into not caring/knowing what is legal/moral. When that involves sexual activities, then that is dangerous path to be on. Someone who does this is crossing a line (IMHO) that warrants this lady putting her and her child's life before questions of legality. That us not to say I think we should put legal issues aside, I just feel sexual assault tends to be one type of activity that has more potential to be violent and dangerous.

**edit to add, I do not think someone should knowingly act in an illegal maner, but self defense involves quick actions. This woman did not pull the trigger. She kept the situation from esculating and she kept her family safe. I think we both agree that there needs to be "imminent danger of physical harm" Where we differ is on what is "immediate danger" There is no black and white or easy way to define this. In my opinion, a sexual crime directed at a person is "imminent danger of harm"

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