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Actually, you have no idea if he was mentally stable or not. He could have been perfectly stable, just not to a level that society likes or which would allow for his behaviors legally. He may be mentally ill, but stable in his illness. Also, there were two victims to witness the event. How do you know he wasn't fixated on the kid
I said he was fixated on the woman. The report said he told her she needed to watch. That was directed at her.

just not to a level that society likes or which would allow for his behaviors legally
Lets look at this statement more closely. "Not that society likes" I am sorry but his actions are not proper in any society. This is not an issue of our society not allowing something that is no big deal, what he did is a very big deal. The fact that he would do this shows clear unstableness. You said yourself his actions do not allow for legal behavior, are we to assume that this situation would not get worse? People that are "stable in their mental illiness" should be able to seperate legal from illigal acts. If they cannot they are not "stable" enough to be free in society. Someone who should not be free in society should be considered dangerous and safety should then come first

This lady could only assume what this man's intent was. Given the fact he has directed his action at her and he is unable to seperate legal from illigal acts (your words) why should she assume he is not dangerous?

Please shed some more light on your "level that society likes" comment.
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