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I was refering to 'Factory' work. Colt... Factory...

As far as Ruger goes, Factory Ruger new parts are inexpensive and available as compared to Colt.

Plenty of excellent gunsmiths openly admit they destroyed perfectly good guns before they really knew what they were doing. Do you have any idea how many 5 screw S&Ws, Pythons, and Colt, civillian and Military, 1911's were improved buy adding compensators and after martket springs alone?

'Have Milling Machine. Will Travel.'

"A Welder By Day and Exotic Dancer By Night'' (1983 movie, Flash somethng, Dance, Flash, whatever) is more believeable than Information Worker, slash, GP 100 Improver.

On the flip side...plenty of ordinary Joe Six_Packs of the world, (tinkering outside their day job skill level), made plenty of improvements on mechanical factory gizmoes. Please don't let me hamper your learning expeiments, as well as your fun and enjoyment. Best of luck. Happy Holidays.
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