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@Spats: Sorry I was unclear. Let me try again: You point out that there is no win-win between opponents. I clarify that's try only if they have the same utility function -- meaning that they value all things in the game/market equally. My preamble asked us to assume RKBA opponents have a different utility function from RKBA proponents. That would enable a win-win trade. I.e., one in which each party feels better off than they did before the trade. Proponents give up something they value less than the opponents do in exchange for something they value more than the opponents do.

@shortwave: Please re-read my explanations: This is a question or thought experiment in which RKBA is explicitly not compromised any more than it already is, and in which (potentially) everybody is happier and better off.

All: I realize the poll is NFA-centric, but I can't figure out how to modify it. Here are some other things that I suspect a majority of RKBA proponents value more than NFA repeal: National RTC; federal preemption of any further RKBA restrictions at the state/local levels.

So if a moderator or somebody could add these as poll options consider maybe they will speak to a wider audience:
  • I would trade 20-round mag limits for National RTC and federal preemption.
  • I would trade 10-round mag limits for National RTC and federal preemption.
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