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CZ 527 I'm a happy camper.

My son bought a CZ carbine in 7.62 x 39 a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the single stage trigger on it. Thought I might like one in .223 but didn't think much more about it. I've been working up loads for my wife's .223 Savage with an Acutigger and it's OK. Shoots very good but doesn't really do anything for me. Started me thinking a lot lately about maybe getting the CZ in .223. Walked into Cabala's three weeks ago and in the "used" rifle rack was a "NEW" CZ 527 laminated stock single stage trigger. I fondled it and it followed me home. I love this rifle! Just finished working up loads for it today. When I do my part it'll shoot a five shot 1/4" hole at 100 yards. Every five shot string at least 2 go through the same hole Did I say I love this little rifle? Oh, the wife loves it too but she ain't getting it.

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