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She said he "approached "aggressively" and sat down. Can we infer from that that she believed he was about to strike or grab her and that she had to draw to stop him? I don't know.
I am not sure what "approached aggressively" is beyond being a stranger that walked toward her that she did not want walking toward her. You can certainly approach aggressively without being aggressive to the person. If I walk up to you quickly to get your attention, I could be described as approaching aggressively, but isn't the same as being aggressive when approaching.

I think people have freaked out because "aggressive" was used, but in how it was used does not necessarily indicate actual aggression.

I don't think anyone here is advising on drawing their weapon on anyone they think might be dangerous. This man crossed a line. There is no question that he is mentally unstable and that he was fixed on this lady.
Actually, you have no idea if he was mentally stable or not. He could have been perfectly stable, just not to a level that society likes or which would allow for his behaviors legally. He may be mentally ill, but stable in his illness. Also, there were two victims to witness the event. How do you know he wasn't fixated on the kid?

I appreciate your forthright statements
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