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Dave, thanks for the concern. I'm the one that changed things (put a Howell's converter on and put the "perfectly working" cap and ball cylinder aside). The carbine is the exact same as a uberti 1958 internally. When cocking the hammer slowly, the cylinder stops just a minute minute fraction from full lockup, same on all chambers. If cycled quickly, inertia carries it the rest of the way to full lock up on all chambers. Should just require a slight stretch to the pawl to fix it. Hate to send it to a smith to do it, and really need to learn this stuff for myself anyway.

Doc, I could try a new pawl and file it down, but if I can stretch this one so it will work with both the C&B and Conversion it'll be a lot cheaper. If I wreck it (which I will try hardest not to do) then I'll need to send it to a smith and pay what I would have paid in the first place. So, I'm willing to give it a try.
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