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Gee I'd like a seasoning opening in Oct Shortwave.
Sure Shot

It would really be nice if it was a statewide early bp season. The problem with this early season is it is restricted to three public hunting areas, Wildcat Hollow, Shawnee State Forest and Salt Fork Wildlife Area. The last time I went(years ago) I felt like I was in the middle of a war zone.
Sun came up and the hillside was full of a sea of hunter orange. If one deer ran down the hill, the whole hillside irrupted in smoke. Felt like low crawling to the truck to get outta there. Been invited several times to go back but that's just not enjoyable for me.

Our B/P hunting season starts here the weekend after Thanks Giving and runs two weeks and three weekends long.
Sure wish our statewide bp season was that long. There's a group of us that have lobbied to the point of almost begging ODNR to extend our bp season without success.

I'll keep my eyes peeled this way for a Seneca for ya...and..

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well sir.

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