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Of course there is due process, jury trial and appeal as in any federal case.

After working for a powerful House Committee Chairman, I'm synical how legislation is really horse traded / made and then explained to the populous (usually addressed by less flattering names in private). You realize most of the country is made up of lemmings, or single issue ignoramuses. If its a misdemeanor to lie to an officer, felony to a grandjury, shouldnt it e a capital crime ti lie to the whole country? The idea follows the EPA's unwritten policy of public crucifixion as an example for large violators. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

My last line indicated the good guys will stay, the sleazy will leave on their own.
and there are some excellent legislators and executive branch. Most have only been there a limited number of years and are focused on addressing specific problems, not next elections fund raising.

But this amendment will never happen: we can't even pass a balanced budget amendment or set a reasonable debt limit, tackle the giga issue of Medicare/ Medicaid or Social Security. The citizenry can't generally articulate who their representatives are.

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