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I just tried a few cases with the die turned down to the point that it lightly touches the shell holder with the ram all the way up. Now the necks look great and the whole length of the neck appears to be sized but i have noticed a new issue:

Using the RCBS Precision Mic, my once fired cases read an average of -0.0015and when i resize, the headspace actually increases from that measurement which on the Mic is a reading of "0.000" It appears that even if i wanted to, i can not push the shoulder back on the cases with this die unless the cases were really stretched out because the die is already touching the shell holder and i cant even push the shoulder back to the measurement of the unsized, once fired brass.

The positive is that the cases chamber fine into the rifle that they are being loaded for and i can only assume that i have a good tight headspace with the resized cases at this setting.
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