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Well, I don't like any O/Us but a little Beretta scaled 28 I tried, but I have seen more than one report of Browning O/Us having stock cracking issues, and certain Beretta autos have had lots of carrier issues, and let us not forget the infamous Browning salt wood fiasco. I have nothing bad to say about a BPS other than I don't like having to load thru the magazine for a 4th shot, but I had 3 that never hiccuped once. And nothing bad to say about a Wingmaster, on any score. Model 12s and Ithaca 37s are the holy grail for those who swoon over hand fitted machined parts, but they need those close tolerances to operate, and cost more to make, and I have seen more at the gun doctor's, and that is why Remington and Browning ran them both out of the marketplace - 3 times and counting with the Ithaca. I have yet to see any inertia actioned or long recoil actioned gun I liked, but there are plenty of seasoned shooters who love both.
I would concentrate on getting a good name brand gun that feels good to you. The odds are you will be fine. If you do have any issues, with a new gun do not try kitchen table gunsmithing. Call the manufacturer yourself.
Good luck.
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