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I mount 1-3, 1-4, or 1.5-5 variables on 16" carbines. Considering the muzzle velocities from that length barrel, 250 yards is a fairly conservative max range for coyote size varmints. Two factors are considered in this assessment. First is bullet performance relative to the reduced velocity of the 16" barrel. The second is the field accuracy attainable from the carbine. In some types of ammo, velocity loss is right at 10% vs. a 20". The lighter weight makes the carbine harder to hold steady in actual field use.
With these factors taken into consideration, I feel the need for more magnification is not justified and makes the carbine top heavy and unwieldy.
I carry a 16" H-Bar profile carbine almost daily during winter. The heavier barrel makes it hold steadier for me. If I'm expecting shots much over the 250 yard mark, I carry a bolt action 22/250 or 220 Swift.
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