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This post,like some others lately,gives me tight jaws.

OP,if you do not like the NFA restrictions on SBR's,SBS's,and silences,OK.I'm with you.IMO,those restrictions do not make sense.I would back an effort to remove the restrictions.

However,I see no connection between restoring the freedom to own those NFA weapons by giving up the freedom to have whatever magazine.

Its as if,as a special interest that wants sawed offs and silencers,you are willing to sell out the folks who like mag capacity.

The thing is,the way my mind works,I smell a rat.It is easy for me to believe this is not as it seems.

Like,divide and conquer,or get someone to say something reactionary so a quote can be taken from TFL.No,I do not want to play.

There is the poster I have seen"I did nothing when they came for...."

As I said in another thread,we are not a democracy,we are a Constitutional Republic.OP,no disrespect,but please understand,the 2nd Ammendment does not belong to any coalition of shooters,the Creator endowed it to my grandchildren,and their children.It is not your perogative to bargain it away.

I hope you will re-evaluate your way of thinking.

Each little click of the ratchet,the screw turns tighter,and likely what is lost will not be regained.
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