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No matter what the course of fire might be, the instructor should always require students to identify the target before engaging.
And the instructors should hold themselves to the same level of instruction...or they run the risk of shooting their fellow instructor multiple times as he is discussing a target with another student who has just completed the drill.

Here is Len Baxley's statement as he said it was told to him by Puzikas.

“I was standing out front of the shoot house talking with students. I was taking some money and shaking hands and saying bye to students. I had heard the last shooter’s number called out, #41. (It seems that 41 was the last student that day) So I knew the last shooter was going inside to shoot. I heard the shooting stop. I did not hear shooting for a while. I finished saying good-bye so I decided to make a run in the house before I left. I made the statement, “I am going to do a run” and then I heard a person standing behind me respond to me saying, “OK” I did not turn around so I don’t know who said OK to me. I, wrongfully, assumed it was clear to go.
So the guy in charge didn't have a clue things were clear or safe for doing a run through the shoot house. He announced he was going to make a run and apparently took permission from an unknown person and started his run. So from a safety protocol standpoint, even before the failure of identifying his targets, Puzikas entered the shoot house intending to engage targets without having control of the range he was entering or having any safety protocols in place to know the range was indeed clear of humans before starting. Even if he identified his targets, the fact that he entered the shoot house and would have been shooting would have still endangered those inside as they were not supposed to be there when somebody else is to be firing.
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