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Not every shotgun will have issues....

In terms of semi-autos ---its pretty reasonable to say Browning-Winchester, Beretta and Benelli --- have very few, if any, issues.( I've had no issues with either one of my Benelli super sport models -that I shoot / conservatively each of my Benelli's have well over 25,000 shells thru them - and they're about 10 yrs old or so ...).

In Over Unders...its pretty reasonable to say that Browning and Beretta have very few, if any, issues as well. ( I've had no issues with any of my roughly 14 or so Browning Citori O/U's ) that I currently shoot a lot - some of my primary guns have well over 500,000 shells thru them...

Pump guns...very few,if any, issues with most Browning or Benelli's ---very few issues, except on the lower end express models with Remington 870s'...( I've had no issues with either one of my BPS models ) and I know both of my pump guns have well over 100,000 shells thru them...

and most of my shotguns are at least 10 yrs old...some way more...

so problems aren't inherent in all shotguns...
I don't know if you'll have an issue with Franchi semi-autos or not...I know they're attractive in terms of a lower price point than many other options.../ but I won't ever tell you not to look at Beretta or Browning - Winchester in terms of gas guns - they will cost you a little more --- but if the Franchi makes you nervous, look over the offerings from both Beretta and Browning-Winchester....or the inertia offerings from Benelli.

You might talk to the guys at your local club ...there are a lot of pretty good used guns out there as well minimize your risk a little.../ but don't get stressed out over this -or you'll take all the fun out of it.
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