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Funny, I hear the same sort of rhetoric regarding DAO systems (those that don't like DAO claim that it is a "bad" system....and that DA/SA or SA is "superior"). True DAO is the ONLY trigger system that actually gives true consistency. However, I am not about to say that DAO is "superior". Whatever works for the individual is the "superior" system, be it DAO, DA/SA, SA.....or whatever.

Currently, I have two DA/SA pistols, one DAO auto and one DA/SA revolver. I am well practiced with all - and shoot all of them well. So, I see no need for esoteric arguments about which might be "better". Just my opinion, though.

My only hard and fast "requirement" for a trigger system is that it MUST allow the gun to be carried with a loaded chamber, but completely UN-cocked - NO exceptions. But, that is only my preference. It matters not to me what anyone else favors in this regard.
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