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I am wondering if you actually saw that Cougar, was it really stalking you at all. Outside of Special Operators, big cats are one of the most stealthy creatures on planet earth. The only show themselves to their intended prey or give away their presence until most of the time it is too late for the prey to make an effective get a way. My wife and I went to a wildlife refuge once and we were riding in an open sided bus and the driver stopped at the White Tiger's compound. The driver/guide told us that the tiger hated that bus and in a flash the tiger had shot out of his hiding hole and ran the length of the compound and back before anyone knew what was going on. He let out a roar that made you blood run cold and I looked at my wife and said" If I had a 12 guage loaded and ready to go pointed at the opening of his hiding place, I was not sure I could have gotten a round of before he shot out of that hole. I think the only warning you will have that you are about to be attacked is the few seconds it takes for a Puma to get from where it is at to where you are. Instead of a handgun, I would opt for a good riot shotgun and a bowie knife, however that is just me.
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