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There are probably thousands of incidents especially with the 1911 and the military.
Not because of the short trigger pull as stated in the OP.

The 1911 was only intended for cocked and locked carry when secured in the issue flap holster, and even then only cocked and locked immediately before going into battle.
Interesting claim. I have read it in various forms since 2000. Design and intent are two different things and there is apparently no known design information to back up this point. That the military didn't want people to carry cocked and locked is a whole other matter. The military had all sorts of crazy rules and ideas and still does. Even if the military didn't intend for the gun to be carried cocked and locked, it does not mean that the gun isn't fine for carrying in such a manner.

Funny how the 1911 gets such a rep. Depending on who you talk to and when, the gun is considered both a powerful expert's gun and a gun that is good for neophytes and women who might otherwise have trouble qualitying with a gun.

Normal carry was either with empty chamber or hammer down on a round in the chamber.
Empty chamber like guards used to patrol US bases with M16s? They were often unloaded as well. LOL the military is more fearful of NDs from loading and unloading firearms than of the need of the soldier to be able to use the firearm to protect the base.

Interesting you mention keeping the hammer down given that such carry is considered unsafe. Even the military in 1940 thought the hammer should be down only when the pistol had an empty chamber.
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